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Sickle Shaped Sheet

Application Areas:

  • Screw manufacturer, etc.
  • Surface treatment

Possible Application Areas:

  • Cleaning
  • Centrifuging
  • Drying
  • Phosphating
  • Post treatment

100 % solution for cold press forming parts (wire products)



  • Reduction of damages
  • Reduction of batch mixing
  • Reduction of adhesion by additional ?wash-board? surface (see foto)
  • Optimal flow behavior by means of the sickle-shaped perforation
  • Reduction of foam generation

Development of the sickle-shaped sheet

First idea: the bend slot

Optimizing of the parameters:

  • slot width
  • radii
  • partitions and angle



Advantages sickle-shaped sheet:

  • Better flow behavior
  • No scratches
  • No damages


Duplex sickle-shaped sheet

With this patent-registered process it is possible to bring small perforations into larger walls. Here the necessary fine perforation will be brought into a thin-wall inner liner and the rough perforation congruent into a thick-wall outer support coat.

Possible applications:

Small up to large parts can be treated in one basket (e.g. for commission work)

Duplex sickle shaped sheet, displaced

A  patent-registered process of us whereby by means of the intentional displace of the perforation in the inner and outer liner smallest parts can also be treated. See adjacent graphic.

Possible applications:

Smallest parts (< 1mm)

Sinus perforation

A new development of us therewith also parts up to material thickness of 0,2 mm can be treated. See adjacent graphic. By pinhole images up to 5 % this hole sheet forms an alternative to the cylindrical hole sheet RV diameter 1 mm with partition 6 mm displaced.

Possible applications:

Smallest parts (0,2 - 0,7 mm)

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