NC sheet-metal formingNC sheet-metal forming

CAD/CAM ? Planning

We manufacture CNC stamping and nibbling parts as well as CNC sheet edge parts

on the basis of your drawings and specimen or design such parts on your request and requirements with most modern CAD/CAM software


Laser stamping/Laser nibbling

With our TRUMPF laser machine we are able to machine sheets in one setting to large sizes ( 3000 x 1500 mm ). We machine sheets up to 10 mm steel and 6 mm stainless steel.

Beside stamping and lasing processes further operations like thread rolling, pressing and edging are possible. Therefore  exceptional economic processes are possible.

CNC ? Edge bending

Precision which requires no rework. With the technology of our CNC edge bending press we receive  highest angle accuracy and high precise bending angles. With special bending tools each sheet will be brought in the required form with best results.

We are able to produce profiles up to 4 m length with 200 t press capacity. By means of 6 controlled NC axis we are also able to manufacture  complex components as housings and sheet units on the basis of your requirements.

As for stamping and lasing we can also prepare a specimen on the basis of your specification within a day.

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