The Spoke-Tissue Insertion with patented Spoke FlangeThe Spoke-Tissue Insertion with patented Spoke Flange

The Spoke-Tissue Insertion with patented Spoke Flange

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Sickle Shaped Perforation with Wash-Board Surface

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Advantages wash board surface:

  • Minimum surface
  • Good draining of media
  • Avoiding of batch mixing treating wire products
  • Avoiding of damages
  • Longer operating life between cleaning cycles
  • Simple cleaning regarding one wall
  • Robust and solid with less weight
  • Longer life
  • Especially effective for spax-screws/nails


Constitution of coating insertions with sickle-shaped perforation

Before 1998 coating insertions were only manufactured with webbed inserts. The good quality of the webbed surface however were downgraded after short operating time by damages of the webbing structure and building up of media residue from outside through the web into the coating basket. This led often to batch mixtures and fouling of the parts.

As answer to this problems we manufactured such baskets with sickle-shaped perforation and wash-board surface. By means of further innovations ( see below products) we
could more and more adjust the surface of our sheet baskets to the web design.


Wash Board Surface with additional structuring

Deutsches Patent
Nr.: 10 2006 444.6-24

By additional structuring of the surface ( as given here with pimples) the danger of adhesion will be further reduced.

Spoke Flange for coating Applications

  • Less media loss
  • Shorter and more effective centrifugal cycles
  • Less basket weight/ larger batches

Wash board-deflector for coating Applications

  • No plane, straight surface
  • No 90° angle
  • No "slot" from complete welding

Further Developments

  • New basket geometry
  • More volume
  • Less weight and surface

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